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UN Right Hand Thread Rings Go/NoGo 2A & 3A

UN Left Hand Thread Rings Go/NoGo 2A & 3A

UNJ Right Hand Thread Rings Go/NoGo(Aero/Mil/Govt-SAE AS8879)

UNJ Left Hand Thread Ring Go/NoGo (Mil/Govt/Aero-SAE AS8879)

Thread Ring Setting Plugs UN &UNJ Right & Left Hand

UN Right Hand Thread Plugs Go/NoGo

UN Left Hand Thread Plugs Go/NoGo

UNJ Right Hand Thread Plugs Go/NoGo (Aero/Mil/Govt-SAE AS8879)

UNJ Left Hand Thread Plugs Go/NoGo (Aero/Mil/Govt.-SAE AS8879)

Metric Go/NoGo Thread Plugs & Rings / RH& LH

True Position Gauges & Thread Measuring Wires,

Thread Gage Certifications Long Form

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WG Single Master MilliCheck
D-2500, D4000, EAG-31XXX, D-5000, D-8000 and EAG-32XXX Federal and Mahr Federal Dial type and digital Air gage systems and can be easily replaced by the Western Gage MilliCheck (AEC-30-60) series with superior resolution and stability. It provides both an analogue & 4 Decade Digital readout, Inch or MM readout, mechanical Hi/Low tolerance arrows, comes with 8 selectable sensitivity ranges. Selectable for ID or OD measurements this system exceeds the capability and versatility of both old and new systems from other manufacturers. Factory configured for Single mastering air tooling in use or can be supplied with new air tooling from WGC. Operates on 4 D Cell Batteries or AC adapter. Shipped with air inlet hose and 3/8-32 chuck adapter. (Always use a coalescent filter regulator on input air supply.)
WG Single Master MilliCheck - Click to zoom in Mfr: As Indicated
Code: AEC 30-60
Price: $1,595.00
Quantity in Basket: none
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