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UNJ Right Hand Thread Plugs Go/NoGo (Aero/Mil/Govt-SAE AS8879)

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BalExpert 8.7.5 Win XP / 2000
This Special software from Bal Expert, provides a special tool to assist your most difficult balancing tasks enabling 1 2 up to 8 plane balancing, single plane balancing without a reference signal (4-run-method), correcting the unbalance by moving existing weights, polar correction, component correction (location or angle)combine masses (remove all previous correction masses and replace it with one mass, removing weight by drilling holes (radial or axial) and prognosis of residual vibration when changing mass or location of correction weight. Calculations for ISO 1940/ ISO 10816 are provided as well as conversion of vibration readings. Analytical tools include calculation of specific frequencies (bearing frequencies, belt frequencies, gear frequencies etc). calculation of centrifugal forces, averaging of vibration vectors, calculation of circumference (to determine the exact angular position, estimation of trial weight mass Correction of balance mass for radial location/ Splitting Correction Masses / Equal m
BalExpert 8.7.5 Win XP / 2000 - Click to zoom in Mfr: As Indicated
Code: BALS-8.7.5-1
Price: $1,800.00
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