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THREAD GAGE MIL-S-8879 As it relates to SAE-AS8879


MIL-S-8879 Notice 3 dated 24 February 2003 states that Military Specification: MIL-S-8879C General Specification for Screw Threads with Controlled Radius Root and Increased Minor Diameter dated 25 July 1991, and Amendment 1 dated 2 September 1992 are hereby canceled. The MIL-S-8879 is superseded by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Specification number AS8879.
Threads identified as Application Category "Other Thread" in MIL-S-8879 are identified as "Category 1" threads in AS8879.
Threads identified as Application Category "Safety Critical Thread" in MIL-S-8879 are identified as "Category 2" threads in AS8879.

The FAA Advisory Circular AC No.:21-41A dated 6 June 2003 informs, clarifies and guides the civil aviation industry on using the SAE AS8879 instead of the MIL-S-8879.

The DoD Adoption Notice for SAE-AS8879 states that SAE-AS8879, "Screw Threads - UNJ Profile, Inch Controlled Radius Root with Increased Minor Diameter", was adopted on 14-MAY-03 for use by the Department of Defense (DoD).

Copies of SAE-AS8879 may be purchased from:
Society of Automotive Engineers Inc
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Tel: 877-606-7323 (Inside USA & Canada)
Tel: 724-776-4970 (Outside USA)
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For a summary of the standard as it relates to thread gages see UNJ vs. UN.



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