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  Carbide & Chrome Ring Gages Go, No/Go & Masters
  This category contains all special material Ring Gages offered.
First: Look at the headings in the column to the left.
Determine if you are looking for a specific class of plug.
Determine the size of plug you require

The Rings are shown by class first and by type, Go, No/Go and Master second.
Master rings are manufactured with the allowable tolerance in each class split (bilateral) around the nominal target size you request. Go and No/Go Ring Gages are toleranced as Minus or Plus based on existing standards. You will need to find the size "Range" that brackets your requirement next and select it.
We have additional category choices for Carbide and Chrome plated Ring Gages if required. .

In most cases example pictures are available by clicking the light colored text or pic Once you have selected this viewing option you can then select other technical information if one or more of these terms appears on the product description page: click on underlined test titles “More Information, Specifications, Reference Material or Guide.
If you need help we will be pleased to review your part prints or requirements and advise you of the best choice(s).

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